Can i spy on my girlfriends email

You have a girlfriend and want to build with her really great and healthy relationships. Is it what you want?

How to spy on my girlfriends text messages

No, of course not! But here is a solution of your problem. Your girlfriend has a smartphone or iOS device, so you can get access to her personal life and find out everything about her. To help you in such situation can special spy software which main aim is to collect personal data at target person tablet or smartphone and transfer it to you. This is a modern spy application with large amount of features from calls recording to location defining that means the full spy on girlfriend.

How to start using this application?

Part 2. How to Track Your Girlfriend Phone Location

Only simple installation is required. You have to visit special page on official website and download it for free. If you have done everything as in this how-to the spy software will work stable and send you all information via Internet. Simply by putting the name to identify the owner of the phone on the setup page and then selecting the operating system is all that you have to do.

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In order to start using this app, first, you have to do is create a new account on their website. To do so, go to XySpy website and create an account.

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This is an important process so make sure to use your real information and an official email address. After finishing the installation process, there is nothing for you to do. Leave the phone back from where you picked it up. The would have started working by now. Where it might take few seconds before starting up, but after that, you can check all her activities remotely.

With the help of this app, you can easily view all the call logs and text messages history. You can even listen to the live call and record it for future.


With the help of its advanced features like ambient listening, you can listen to the sounds they are surrounded by. The app will give you the complete access to their phone which means you can get into their gallery and see their pictures, videos, calendars memos, etc. Not just viewing you can even delete or download stuff from their phone. The app will basically give you the remote access over her phone.

Other than couples, concerned parents can also take advantage of this app.

As parents can block the certain keywords and website to keep their kids safe from the unseen threat of the internet. With the help of location tracking, they can make sure that their kids are safe. This app also offers an advanced feature that is known as geofencing. Two days ago, after changing my password, I became locked out of my account and both my security question and password were not accepted.

I am back in my account now, and have looked at "recent account" activity but can not tell if one of the IP addresses is his, as he is also a resident of my town. If he is continuing to spy on me via email, I would like to report the crime, but I am not sure how to prove my account has been accessed by someone else. The others have filed police reports with our local law enforcement crimes division.

To complicate things, he has possession of password recovery software that he has taken from his former place of employment, a government entity. The other accounts he hacked had passwords that had recently been changed.

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Community content may not be verified or up-to-date. Learn more. The only way to really know is if you do not recognize an IP address that is accessing the account. Yes No.

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