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There are following tools that an employer should use for keeping an eye on employees android devices and to protect the business from the possible threats to the data stored in the Android gadgets. Cell phone spyware for Android enables a user to create android data backup in order to protect the data stored into the Android gadgets. Once a user has installed the android monitoring app on the target device all the stored will sync into the online control panel and a user can get it back anytime having sort of cyber-attack or unauthorized access into the device.

A user can even remotely delete the data if the device of android theft or lost. This will let employers know how the employees are behaving with the clients and either they are using the devices for office use or for personal use. Employers can track the current and exact location of the employees whom they sent or visit outside the premises of the company through android GPS location tracker.

They can get to know location history and can mark allowed and prohibited areas for the employees. This will let employers know what sort of activities employees are doing or they just wasting time on it. This will keep employer updated regarding the content of the email. The employer can view all the sent and received text messages with the spy on text messages of the android monitoring app. The employee can get to know when the partner has changed the SIM card on your target phone in real time and you will get the alert.

The employee can get their hands on the target cell phone gallery remotely and can view all the stored media such as photos and videos by using multimedia of the android spyware. If any android phones have all the above-mentioned qualities, it means it would be the ultimate android tracking app. You can choose all in one package in a single android tracking software.

Just install the following mentioned spyware for androids and put your worries to rest. You need to subscribe to it and you have to visit the official website and then have to get the credentials through an email.

Now install monitoring app for Android and once you have done with the installation. Then you have to activate it on your target android phone and then get access to the online control panel and visit the Android spying tools. Now it is up to you how you want to deal with the target android phone? Unlike the previous app, FreePhoneSpy also lets you monitor social media apps and the ability to block apps that are harmful. Best of all ita a completely free app.

This call recorder is not truly a spy app for android.

However, if you just want to know what your kids are up to then this might be a very good tool. The app silently records calls and able to upload them in the cloud using Dropbox account.

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Can also configure which calls not to record. An open source android app project to allow users to capture images secretly.


Become a detective with this free spy app for android. Ear Spy gives a super-hearing capability to eavesdrop on people around you. You can use a blue-tooth headset to listen to people in the next room by leaving the phone there. A graphic audio equalizer is also available to fine-tune sounds. The latest update brings audio notification which will alert you when it detects motion while the app was running in the background.

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It can also start recording automatically when motion detected. Get the exact location of the targeted device through a web-portal even if GPS disabled on the target device. Get an email notification for every incoming call or text messages. Monitor call logs, SMS, web history, and contacts. The app comes with three-day free trial option.

The M-spy android app will allow to listen conversation secretly from a place where you kept the phone. Install the app and set a Set a PIN then put the phone in silent mode and hide the phone where you want to spy. Send an SMS to the phone and it will call you back. Read a real user review of M-SPy. Shield your business, trade secret, kids and more from Internet dangers with Ikeymonitor spy app. The Ikeymonitor spy app offers a layer of security, reliability, and efficiency in safeguarding against potential dangers in the Internet world.

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Now you can monitor your children without being virtually paranoid. The app allows parents to track unnecessary web browsing, chat activities and even game dangers when kids play and chat online with users around the world, i. The app is also good in protecting your trade secret. Though I should say that privacy issues could arise if employees are concerned.

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Key Monitor spy app gets a record of SMS, call history, GPS, chats, websites, passwords and even screenshots and delivers the information to you by email. Protect your kids with this top rated mobile spy app from cyber-bullying, online predators, social media mishaps, and pornography. The app comes at different costs and packages. However, great powers come with great responsibility. We suggest you use any of these spy apps for android wisely. I really need a free app to spy on my husbands phone that is undetectable. Someone please help me, it qould be greatly appreciated.

The information captured by our android spy app is encrypted and sent to a secure web portal. Use a web browser — or our unique mobile app — to browse data, carry out searches, set alerts, generate reports and much more. FlexiSPY lets you spy on your android device data from the comfort of your favorite armchair. Think of FlexiSPY as the master craftsman against the low cost counterfeit sweatshop.

Since , when we created the world's first spyphone — we continue to design, develop, test, market and support all our own products — nothing is outsourced and everything is done under one roof. All this adds up to a better product and strong customer satisfaction — unlike most others, who are just marketers reselling inferior technology sourced from the lowest bidder. The customer service is very efficient and always ready to answer all the questions and this was my motivation in the first place to subscribe.

I would recommend FlexiSPY at any time.

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The best feature for me is definitely the GPS. It shows the location and is constantly updating to new locations, making it easy to track my employees. I would definitely recommend using this product if you are trying to keep track of someone or something! I was able to do this quite easily using the GPS tracker and I was quite impressed with the accuracy of the locations.

I went to the locations and saw who he was with and where he was going.

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